Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the questions we hear most often. For detailed help on missions, go to the dedicated page.

Client side

How do I search for a profile on acracy?

All you need to do is share a brief here. This allows us to collect all the info we need to recommend the best profiles in our community. If we have questions about your brief, we will reach out!

What freelance profiles do you have on acracy?

We specialize in the whole creative value chain: we have profiles in strategy, social media, design, digital, production, project management and creative concept. If you are looking for a specific profile and are not sure we have it: reach out (because we might)!

How do you select freelance profiles?

All freelancers in our community have gone through an extensive selection process, combining reference analysis, interviews and profiling. Our goal is to work with the best freelancers, and to get to know them like no other (in terms of both hard and soft skills).

Briefing acracy: how does it work?

In a few words: you brief us online, in 48 hours we share a selection of talented and available profiles. You can meet them. Then all you have to do is accept the online quote and the project can start. At the end of the project you automatically receive the invoice. That's it!

How much does your service cost?

To try us out on 2 briefs: 20% service fees added to freelancer's rate. Afterwards, there are several options for continuing to access our service, and here they are.

Will you charge me if I share a brief but my project is cancelled?

No, it happens. However, matching is a lot of work for our Community team as well as for our freelancers, so we would be grateful if you let us know as soon as possible, so that we can notify the freelancers who have applied. Also: we reserve the right to stop accepting briefs if projects have been cancelled repeatedly in the past.

Freelance side

How do I join the community?

First, thank you! You just need to submit an application by clicking here. We will reach out for an interview if your profile matches our current searched. There is no way to short-circuit this process (but protip: if you are recommended by someone in the community, your chances increase sharply)! We only integrate about 10% of the profiles that have applied to our community.

How much do you charge freelancers?

Nothing. We charge our customers a 20% service fee in addition to your day rate. So if you charge €100, you'll get €100 (which is pretty normal when you think about it).

I applied a long time ago and no news.

We receive a lot of applications and unfortunately cannot respond to all of them. If it has been more than 3 or 4 months, it is possible that our Community team did not select your profile.

Is my profile publicly visible on acracy?

No! When you join the community, your profile will only be visible to a client when you have applied for their brief.

What types of profiles are there on acracy?

We specialize in the entire creative value chain: we have profiles in strategy, social media, design, digital, production, project management and creative design. Generally, we search for certain profiles in particular at a given time: the indication appears at the time of application.